Acme United goes live with Work Order Management module

Acme United implemented the QuickPick Work Order Management module to enhance inventory tracking in the assembly/kitting area of the distribution center. The module is fully integrated with their SYSPRO ERP system and all updates to the Work Order – consumption, issues, returns to stock and production – are updated automatically via SYSPRO solutions framework.

When a Work Order is released in SYSPRO, all pertinent information including the Work Order’s bill of materials (BOM) is automatically imported into the WMS database. Operators utilizing wireless terminals are directed to the materials to be pulled and the system confirms that the right product and quantity are issued to the job. The system can also track lot#, expiration date, etc. of the products used to produce the finished goods.

When production is recorded, bar-coded labels are printed for the finished goods. A configuration option lets the user determine if goods are “produced” when the labels are printed or have to be “confirmed” by a material handler in the warehouse before they are considered inventory. An audit trail of all Work Order activity is maintained.