IVS incorporates Truckmate BOL module into shipping process

Truckmate, the Bill of Lading module for Clippership, was incorporated into the shipping process to provide an additional level of automation. The module is the consolidation point for the BOL data supplied from Clippership. When a BOL is created in Clippership, the data is “pushed” to the Truckmate Database. This integration allows the BOL Number and the Pro Number to be returned to QuickPick as soon as the transaction is processed so that they can be included on the ASN labels. At the end of the day when the carriers are scheduled to arrive, the operators can launch Truckmate and select the BOL’s they want printed.

Truckmate can also look up previously generated BOL’s, eliminating the need to file paper copies in a file cabinet. Truckmate can be configured to print either Straight Bill of Lading forms or the VICS format to a plain paper laser printer, avoiding the need for preprinted forms. Customized forms are also available.