Exact Macola Interface

exactNow users of the Exact Progression Series ERP (Macola Progression) system can benefit from true warehouse management functionality. Utilizing QuickPick in conjunction with their Macola software, companies can realize the benefit of real-time RF transaction validation while maintaining the integrity of their Macola inventory and accounting database.

QuickPick offers field proven interfaces for the following versions of Macola ERP:

  • Version 7.5.103f
  • Version 7.6.100
  • Version 7.6.200
  • Version 7.6.300

Integrated Visual Systems, Inc. installed its first real-time Macola interface in 1998. Since that time, the interface module has been enhanced to include all transactions supported by the WMS. Those transactions include (but are not limited to):

  • Purchase order receiving
  • Stock labeling
  • Inspection
  • Customer order processing
  • Transfers
  • Work order consumption and production
  • Cycle count
  • Adjustments
  • Issues
  • Return to stock

The Macola interface module also automates the maintenance of all required WMS system tables. Macola acts as the “master” system and all database updates (i.e. new products, customer orders, purchase orders, etc.) are entered into and maintained in Macola. There is no operator maintenance required for the WMS system.

The system is truly scalable to meet the customer’s requirements. IVS has installed Macola sites starting with as few as six (6) handheld terminals to sites with more than ninety (90) handheld terminals. The system can process in excess of 4,000 transactions per day and the “queue time” is normally less than one minute.

Included with the interface module are user-friendly GUI screens for error look-up and transaction re-submittal. A date/time stamped transaction history and error log are maintained and the transaction history detail data is only a mouse click away. Post-transaction processing can be configured as well as event driven email notification.